From Between 10 and 5, by Rebecca Looringh Van Beeck (

The 48 Hour Film Project is the world’s largest timed film making competition. Now in its 14th year and with over 25 000 films to its credit, the competition’s purpose is to advance and promote filmmaking, prompting teams to write, shoot, edit and score a film within 48 hours. Crews are assigned a genre (drawn from a hat), a character, prop and line of dialogue on the Friday evening, delivering a completed film 48 hours later. It’s a sleepless endeavor that requires quick thinking, improvisation and execution with steady leadership, team work and plenty of resilience.

This year Silver Bullet in collaboration with Best Light Films took home an astounding 11 awards for their production ‘Thread’ and they’re allowing us to share it two days in advance. Their film won: Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Costumes, Best Musical Score, Best Supporting Actress (Gabriella Pinto), Best Actress (Terry Norton), Best Directing, Best Producer, Best Production Design, and Best Use of Line.

“We went into the project with a small competent team, careful to keep an open mind so as not to over think or over prepare a concept that we couldn’t easily reassemble,” says Wayne De Lange of Silver Bullet Productions. The team drew “silent movie” as their genre and spent Friday night and Saturday morning conceptualizing and writing their script. “We played around with different characters, themes and ideas. We wanted to avoid resorting to cliché,” says Diana Keam of Best Light Films. “We had an all-female cast spanning four generations, opening up the opportunity to explore subtle and feminine themes.”

Shooting began at 11am on Saturday and took the crew into the early hours of Sunday morning. “Our all night brainstorming and writing session on Friday night established an ambitious narrative. Our genre was challenging but we felt we could excel at it. Wayne delivered a spectacular location and managed to produce all our logistical requirements right down to underwater housings,” explains Diane. A rough edit was ready by 7:30am on Sunday, giving the musicians time to compose their score before the final edit was delivered Sunday night.

“Collaboration and passion earned us this success,” says Wayne, “without the commitment of our team this challenge would’ve been overwhelming. As it is we’ve managed to create something quite distinctive.”