Size Matters!

We are big enough and we are small enough.
Big and bold enough to create award-winning content for the international clients like Red Bull, Kia, VW, Johnson & Johnson and Bridgestone.
Small and nimble enough to beat the tightest deadline, and keep more of the budget on screen.
You probably know us for our extreme sports and the wildlife filmmaking. But you might not be aware that we’re also the team behind the live broadcast of global sports events like ‘Wings for Life World Run’, ‘Red Bull X-Fighters’, ‘Red Bull Box Cart’ and ‘Red Bull King of the Air’.
We’ve been welcoming scores of fellow creators, collaborators and clients to our studio in the colourful Bo Kaap area of Cape Town for the past 17 years. And we look forward to welcoming many more.
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Wayne De Lange
Director, Cinematographer & Co-owner
Diana Keam
Producer & Co-owner